Class 4 Hail Resistant Shingles: (Pros & Cons)

There’s no denying that Colorado has some of the most beautiful landscapes in the country, making it a prime place to live. While Colorado is known for its blue skies and sunny days, the weather can turn nasty quickly, exposing your northern Colorado home to intense storms and damaging hail. Although most asphalt shingles withstand […]

Roof Repair LaSalle CO

While Colorado has seen its share of shingle-damaging hail storms, your roof could be suffering from other issues. Proper ventilation is a must in homes, especially in a climate that sees severe temperature swings that can alternately create havoc with humidity and dryness. The answer to ensuring your roof is properly ventilated is to do […]

Roof Repair Windsor CO

With the amount of construction going on in Northern Colorado, there are a lot of shingles going on roofs. The construction boom is back in Northern Colorado, with new single-family residences and apartment buildings going up in the entire area. In Windsor, alone, there were 902 building permits for single-family residences in 2021 and 412 […]

Roof Repair Fort Collins CO

When there are so many companies out there vying for business, it’s easy to lose yourself in a sea of so-called ‘expertise’ when you search for ‘roof repair Fort Collins CO.’ At Summit Roofing Solutions, we have been roofing experts in Northern Colorado for more than 25 years, which should put your mind at ease […]

Roof Repair Timnath CO

It’s the day after the big storm and you receive a flyer on your door urging you to use a new service to replace your roof. But you haven’t even talked with an insurance adjuster or had the roof inspected. If you’re searching Roof Repair Timnath CO, take a moment to weigh your options on […]

Arvada Hail Storm Roof Repair

With more than 300 days of sunshine per year, it’s no surprise why many transplants and natives decide to make Arvada their permanent residence. Although blue sky days make up the majority of the year here, Colorado also has its dark moments in the form of destructive hailstorms. For this reason, it is important to […]

Roof Hail Damage

If you live in Colorado, roof hail damage is just a fact of life. Your neighbor may even be on his third roof since you met him; while he got on top of each storm, you’ve sat back to wait for the “real” damage. But don’t delay. Call your local, hometown family-owned roofer – Summit […]