Class 4 Hail Resistant Shingles: (Pros & Cons)

There’s no denying that Colorado has some of the most beautiful landscapes in the country, making it a prime place to live. While Colorado is known for its blue skies and sunny days, the weather can turn nasty quickly, exposing your northern Colorado home to intense storms and damaging hail. Although most asphalt shingles withstand the Colorado elements reasonably well, the effects of hail damage can be devastating for homes in areas that regularly experience hail. When searching for the best hail-resistant shingles, great options are available. But are class 4 shingles really worth the cost? Keep reading to discover class 4 hail-resistant shingles: pros & cons. 

Your guide to class 4 hail resistant shingles: (pros & cons) 

What are class 4 hail resistant shingles?

Before we dive into the pros and cons of class 4 shingles, it’s beneficial to know what impact-resistant shingles are. Impact-resistant shingles are designed to withstand the impact of hail and other debris that hit your roof during severe storm systems. Typically made out of a fiberglass mat, these strong shingles protect your home better than traditional asphalt shingles due to their durable material. One crucial fact to note is that while these shingles are solid, they are not entirely impact-proof. 

Class 4 shingles are considered the strongest of all impact-resistant shingles, making them the best option for homeowners looking for the best protection. There are also class 1 through 3 shingles that are still durable but slightly less strong. For comparison purposes, class 1 shingles can withstand steel balls that are 1.25 inches in diameter, while class 4 shingles can withstand steel balls that are 2 inches in diameter. 

If you are interested in learning more about hail-proof roofing shingles, you can check out this video by Roofing Insights:

Now that you better understand what class 4 shingles are, we can dive into the pros and cons of this type of shingle. 


  • Lasts longer than traditional shingles 
  • Can withstand strong winds and rainstorms 
  • Saves money over time on repair costs 
  • It prevents going through the hassle of insurance claims after a strong storm 
  • Many sizes and colors are available for purchasing 


  • High initial cost of installation 
  • Not 100% impact-proof 

While there are more pros than cons with installing class 4 shingles, it’s important to use your best judgment when purchasing the best hail-resistant shingles. Class 4 shingle cost is typically double that of traditional asphalt shingles, so you need to determine if the investment is worth it for your specific home. Some good points to consider when weighing if the class 4 shingle cost is worth it for your home are the size of your home, the frequency of storms in your area, and your overall budget. Whether you want to install these shingles is a personal choice, so make sure that the cost is worth it. 

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