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While Colorado has seen its share of shingle-damaging hail storms, your roof could be suffering from other issues. Proper ventilation is a must in homes, especially in a climate that sees severe temperature swings that can alternately create havoc with humidity and dryness. The answer to ensuring your roof is properly ventilated is to do a Google search for ‘Roof Repair LaSalle CO.’ You’ll find Summit Roof Solutions, where we stay on top until the job is done. Call today for a free estimate: 970-381-9926.

In Colorado, hail is the No. 1 cause of roofing issues. Roofers in northern Colorado consistently must repair roofs and replace them after storms. But even less-powerful hail storms may expose issues that are already there and exacerbate them with new damage caused by weather extremes and improper ventilation.

Search ‘Roof Repair LaSalle CO’ to get the answers to ventilation concerns

According to, inspecting the roof from the inside is just as important as inspecting it from the outside. Improper ventilation can cause issues when heat from the home rises up to the attic and cannot escape.  “If there is not enough ventilation to move heat out of the attic and replace the displaced attic air with cool air, heat will build up, causing the snow/ice on the roof to melt. As the water travels down the roof’s slope, it will refreeze above the gutter line.” When cool air does not replace the warm attic air, snow and ice up higher on the roof continue to melt. “As this water flows down, it hits refrozen ice and creates a dam. The water now has nowhere to go except back underneath the shingles and down inside the living space,” according to

Don’t let your roof deteriorate when improperly ventilated

Alternatively, improper ventilation can trap moisture from your home’s humidity and create more problems. That can mean anything from structural damage to mildew and indoor odors. Industry experts say proper ventilation supports a natural flow of air in a home’s attic space. A balanced ventilation system has an equal distribution of intake and exhaust vents (50 percent near the eave and 50 percent near the ridge), helping optimize air exchange and supporting effective thermal and moisture management,” reports. You can learn more about ventilation exhaust and intake system products through

Summit Roofing Solutions is a preferred dealer of Owens Corning roofing products.  We specialize in repairing and replacing roofs after hail damage. But we also can offer proper roof ventilation, including soffit and ridge vents. Our services also include maintenance and preventative maintenance, roof certifications, and free inspections. You can learn more about us here.

Located conveniently in northern Colorado, Summit Roofing Solutions is a regularly five-star reviewed company. Whether your search for Roof Repair LaSalle CO or search for roof repair near me, you can count on Summit Roofing. Our team of trusted professionals has 25+ years of experience in the construction industry. Whatever your roofing issues, we will steer you right.

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