Roof Repair Windsor CO

With the amount of construction going on in Northern Colorado, there are a lot of shingles going on roofs. The construction boom is back in Northern Colorado, with new single-family residences and apartment buildings going up in the entire area. In Windsor, alone, there were 902 building permits for single-family residences in 2021 and 412 apartment units that went up.

If you’re searching for ‘roof repair Windsor CO,’ you may wonder if you will fit in the construction rotation. At Summit Roofing Solutions, we have your back. Call today for a free estimate: 970-381-9926.

Time to search Roof Repair Windsor CO for seasoned pros

For 25 years, the Greeley-based company has helped residents repair and replace roofs, many from the devastating 2008 tornado to the multiple hail storms since. If you need to search for ‘roof repair Windsor CO,’ look for Summit Roofing Solutions. We know this industry, and we know how to quickly and professionally replace your roof.

Listen to what some of our customers say about our speed and expertise:

“Everyone at Summit Roofing is wonderful to work with. Matt, Debi, and Brett were all very knowledgeable and always responsive to my questions. Everyone on the roofing crew was nice and they were very hard working. They replaced our roof in just a day and a half. They did a great job of disposing of the old shingles and nails. We have not found a single nail in our yard. They happily handled everything with the insurance company. I would highly recommend the team at Summit Roofing to anyone!” — Marissa West

“Great job, they replaced our hail-damaged roof with a great product and their crew was professional. I would highly recommend this company to everyone. Fast service that exceeded our expectations.” — Bob Seaman

“Summit Roofing did an outstanding job on my roof. Zach, you are amazing to work with! He helped me through every step including referring me to siding windows and gutters companies. I trusted him and he came through on everything and more!! This was my first experience dealing with an insurance claim and if I ever need it again Zach will be the first one I will call. Price was very competitive and the crews and companies that came out were great!! Thank you for everything!!!” — Angela Englehardt

We can walk you through the insurance claims process

At Summit Roofing Solutions, we’re not too busy to help our customers with the complicated claims process. We don’t let this be a daunting task for our clients. We have people on staff dedicated to helping our customers with the claims process to make the process as painless as possible. Rest assured, we’ll be there by your side. Read more about roofing insurance claims.

Summit Roofing Solutions is conveniently located in Greeley. We repair and replace residential, commercial, and industrial roofs from south Denver to Cheyenne, Wyoming. We’re happy to be your roofing experts.