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It’s the day after the big storm and you receive a flyer on your door urging you to use a new service to replace your roof. But you haven’t even talked with an insurance adjuster or had the roof inspected. If you’re searching Roof Repair Timnath CO, take a moment to weigh your options on finding a trusted roofer. At Summit Roofing Solutions, our team has been in the Colorado construction industry for more than 25 years. Call today for a free estimate: 970-381-9926.

Timnath area homes hit in Colorado hail storms

Colorado’s Front Range is known as “hail alley,” and the Northern Colorado area was the site of eight of the top 12 most costly storms in Colorado in the last 30 years, according to Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association.  So it’s a matter of when, not if, storms and hail damage come along to force your search for Roof Repair Timnath CO.

As a homeowner, it’s always a little nerve-wracking when you are considering major repairs. It’s hard to know which Timnath area roofing companies to trust. It may be even harder to find a company that will treat you with the professionalism and customer service you have come to expect. At Summit Roofing, we take the fear out of the process, including insurance, and work with you during the project.

Consider these qualities in your next search for ‘Roof Repair Timnath CO’

First, and always, make sure you find a Colorado contractor. The companies that fly in after a storm are just chasing your money after big storms. Are they licensed, or have insurance, to cover you if something goes wrong with your roof repair? The answers to the following questions will help you choose:

  • Is the company licensed and insured?
  • Can the company provide more than 5 local references with names and phone numbers?
  • Is the company able to give you written estimates in detail of what you are paying for?
  • Does the company offer workmanship and or material warranties?
  • Is the roofing company one of a handful of family-owned roofing companies? Though not necessarily a “must,” this is usually another sign the company is locally-owned and cares greatly about their city.

This article from Forbes Magazine goes into more detail to find the roofing company you can trust.

Word of mouth is always a great place to start when you search for ‘Roof Repair Timnath CO’

It’s always helpful to rely on other customers’ reviews. Summit Roofing Solutions has more than 55 customers who’ve reviewed us and are happy with our service.  Here’s one:

“… Due to some hail damage, thank you tornadoes, we had to have the roof replaced. Because of the timing of a home sale, this was looking to be a very tight situation. Zach quickly provided an estimate and completed the shingle replacement for a very reasonable price.

More than once in life, I have referred to the age-old adage of price, quality, speed, pick any two. No exaggeration, Zach and summit roofing solutions completed this project while hitting all three. I can see why he was so highly recommended by my realtor, Rhonda Tooz. It is funny what type of service you get when you have competent people team up on a project.

It is also worth noting that one of my neighbors complimented the new aesthetic that the charcoal-colored shake brought to the home.”

Summit Roofing Solutions is a roofer serving Timnath and the Front Range for more than 25. Summit is there for their customers from the initial claims process with their insurance to final clean-up, providing a seamless, personalized experience. They are the trusted roofer throughout Denver, the Front Range, and Northern Colorado.

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