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Looking for a trustworthy roofing company in Greeley, Colorado? Choose local with Summit Roofing Solutions, LLC—a family-owned business deeply rooted in your community. When you partner with us, you’re not just getting a service; you’re supporting a team that lives and works alongside you, committed to the prosperity and well-being of our hometown.

At Summit Roofing Solutions, we understand the unique challenges our region faces, especially being situated in the heart of “Hail Alley.” Hail damage is a familiar foe to homeowners here, and when disaster strikes, you deserve a responsive, reliable roofing company. That’s us. We’re not just another name in your search results for “roofing companies near me.” We’re your neighbors, ready to support you with quality workmanship and personalized service.

Here’s why Summit Roofing Solutions stands out:

  • Family Pride: Run by a father-son duo, our commitment to excellence is personal. We strive for nothing less than your complete satisfaction, ensuring every roof is a testament to our dedication.
  • Community Focused: Our roots are here. Unlike distant corporations, we’re invested in Greeley’s future—sponsoring local events, supporting charities, and contributing to our community’s growth.
  • Easy Access and Personalized Service: Say goodbye to navigating through call centers. With us, you’ll directly communicate with the owners, ensuring your concerns are heard and addressed promptly.
  • Expertise in Local Codes: We’re well-versed in local building regulations, ensuring your roofing project complies with all requirements, saving you time and potential headaches.
  • Responsive and Flexible: Our local presence allows us to quickly adapt to your needs, whether it’s an emergency repair or a last-minute project change.
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction: We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service, quality workmanship, and standing behind our work. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we go the extra mile to achieve it.
  • Insurance and Materials Knowledge: Before you start, know your insurance policy and roofing material options. We’re here to advise on both, including durable and impact-resistant choices that suit your home’s style and needs.

Remember, the best time to choose a roofing company isn’t just when disaster strikes but before. Planning your roof replacement or repair outside the peak season can save you from the rush—and potential pitfalls—following a hailstorm. Beware of out-of-town contractors who might not have your best interests at heart. With Summit Roofing Solutions, you’re choosing a partner committed to quality, community, and integrity.

Know your roof and your insurance policy

There are some things you will need to know before you pick up the phone. First, check your insurance policy to ensure your roof is covered — sometimes insurance companies may only offer cash values for older roofs, which could ramp up your out-of-pocket costs. Be aware that the age of your roof can have an effect on your coverage. Some insurance companies will not cover a roof replacement on those that are older than 20 years (the typical lifespan of a roof); obviously, 20-year-old roofs will be more susceptible to damage than newer roofs. Read more about insurance claims here.

Know your roofing tile options before you dive deep into replacement

If you are starting to think about the entire process, you might as well start researching what type of roofing materials you want. Some tiles are durable but expensive. Others may not fit with your style of home. There are so many types out there, even damage-resistant tiles, or solar tiles on which Summit Roofing Solutions can advise you. Greeley Roofers

Summit Roofing Solutions is an Owens Corning-preferred and GAF-certified contractor. That means we are backed by national tile manufacturers to expertly put their shingles on roofs. Our team of installers is trusted to properly and safely install their tiles throughout Northern Colorado. Using their materials, we specialize in installing impact-resistant roofing materials, so you can expand your roof’s life span and feel the confidence of knowing your team did it right, and you installed quality products to keep your home in top shape.

‘Tis the season to search for ‘roofing companies near me’

When it is time to replace your roof, you will need to understand that timing is everything – unless there’s a hole in your roof and rain is dripping through the ceiling. Roofing companies are busier in the warmer months, so you may want to schedule your roof replacement outside of the off times. While it is impossible to predict when a hail storm will appear, or more important, cause damage enough to require a roof repair or replacement, understand that you and many other homeowners in Greeley will likely be in the same predicament. You may end up having to schedule your roof repair or replacement much later than you anticipated — especially if you have dealt with a recent catastrophic storm.

That is when out-of-town roofers swoop in. It’s the law of supply and demand. Roofers come in when there is extreme demand to compete for the work, of which there is a great supply. While not all are unscrupulous, you should always be wary of the door knockers promising a bit more than they can deliver. Colorado law makes it illegal for roofers to rebate a homeowner’s insurance deductible. Some roofing companies may also try to be the “low bid,” of which you also should be wary. Some would say the unusually low bid could end up equating to substandard work. Read more about the Consumer Protection/Residential Roofing Bill of Rights

Summit Roofing Solutions, LLC, is a local roofing company specializing in residential roofing and repairs. We also take care of windows, gutters, siding, stucco, garage doors, paint – everything including your roof. Our family-owned company also provides roofing repair after hail storms. Our team brings a unique touch to our customer service, ensuring your concerns are not just heard but genuinely understood. We serve Greeley, Fort Collins, Loveland, and all of Northern Colorado. Call 970-381-9926 to contact us about scheduling your roofing replacement or for a free estimate. We look forward to working with you soon!

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