The Right Way to File a Roof Claim Through Insurance

If you’ve lived in Colorado for a while, you know that storms always seem to pop up when you least expect them. In the summer months, hail is often one of the most damaging aspects of many storms that blow through, leaving many residents with roof damage that could require a roof replacement if severe enough. After a strong storm, many residents ask, “should I file an insurance claim for my roof?” While the answer depends on a few factors, in this blog, we will be speaking about how to get insurance to pay for a roof replacement by giving you the information you need on the right way to file a roof claim through insurance. Let’s get started!

A step-by-step guide on the right way to file a roof claim through insurance 

To answer the question of “should I file an insurance claim for my roof”, the first place to start is an inspection of the damage as soon as it is safe to check your roof. It’s a good idea to hire a professional roofing contractor to build a case for your insurance claim if you are unsure of the extent of the damage. 

If you notice any of the following items, a claim might be warranted:

  • Your roof is leaking 
  • Your roof is showing visible signs of deterioration 
  • Your roof appears to be discolored 
  • Your shingles have dents or spots on them 
  • Some shingles are missing or cracked 

Once you have determined that you should file an insurance claim, the next question that usually gets asked is, “how to get insurance to pay for my roof replacement.” This is where our step-by-step guide on the right way to file a roof claim through insurance comes into play. 

1. Review your insurance policy 

The questions homeowners initially have about filing a claim can be answered by reading through your insurance policy. Your insurance policy should have information about what is covered, what is not, the deductible cost, and other details that will shed light on your current situation, so don’t forget to read the fine print!

2. Complete your own damage assessment 

Before contacting roofing companies that work with insurance claims, inspect your entire home for damage, not just the roof. Take pictures of any damage you find as soon as the coast is clear from the storm so that insurance companies can be sure that the recent storm did cause the damage. 

3. Don’t wait to act 

When a roof with damage sits too long, the damage can appear to be caused by natural wear and tear. To avoid an insurance company rejecting your claim, assess the damage as soon as possible to ensure that you eventually get the payout you deserve for the damage. 

4. Get an independent estimate from a roofing contractor 

An insurance adjuster will usually estimate how much the damage will cost to be repaired. Getting a no-obligation estimate from roofing companies that work with insurance claims is a good idea to add credibility to your claim. This way, you’ll know if the adjuster’s estimate aligns with actual contractor estimates. 

5. Keep detailed records of everything

Insurance claims can be confusing, so to cover your bases, record every correspondence you have for your claim. If there is any confusion down the line, you can easily access the documentation needed. 

If you are interested in learning more about the right way to file a roof claim through insurance, you can also check out this video on hiring a roofing contractor for hail damage:

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