Seven Signs of Roof Damage

Colorado is known for its powerful blizzards, hail, and lightning storms. While every homeowner would love for their house to make it through these storms unscathed, the reality is that storms can lead to roof damage. Although many homeowners might be tempted to avoid taking care of roof damage right away, waiting could lead to even more damage, so it’s best to call a professional as soon as possible to avoid further deterioration. Calling a licensed roofer is always the best solution, but what are some of the signs that your roof is damaged? Keep reading to learn the top seven signs of roof damage and what you should do to remedy the issue. 

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Top seven signs of roof damage and how to address them 

1. Missing shingles 

One of the most obvious signs your roof is damaged is when shingles are missing from your roof. It’s essential to get a roofer to replace the missing shingles quickly to avoid water damage, but luckily in most cases missing shingles can be fixed by simply replacing them with new ones. 

2. Damaged shingles 

Just like missing shingles, damaged shingles often appear after a heavy storm, strong winds, or hail. Damaged shingles are easy to spot since they appear cracked, torn, or dented. If you notice any of these signs, make sure to call your roofer quickly since, left untreated, these damaged shingles can lead to water damage. 

3. Debris damage 

Colorado storms can carry all kinds of debris onto your home during a storm, such as sticks, large branches, or even furniture in your yard. While your shingles can withstand a lot, sometimes debris can cause extensive damage, including cracking, denting, or missing shingles. In addition to your shingles being damaged, debris can also wreak havoc on your gutters and siding, so make sure that you check for damage after a storm. 

4. Loss of granules 

Granules help give your roof the first protection it needs to shield your home from other damage and leaks. While this damage is harder to spot, you can sometimes find granules in your gutters and downspouts. When in doubt, call in a local roofing professional to help determine the damage’s extent. 

5. Damaged flashing 

Flashing is designed to work in tandem with your shingles but is often the first to go on your roof. If you notice any cracks around vents or chimneys, this could indicate that your flashing is damaged. Left untreated, flashing damage could affect your whole roof, so don’t let this become your roof’s downfall. 

6. Water leaks 

We’ve mentioned water leaks in several of our other signs, but if you are seeing spots on your ceiling, peeling paint throughout your house, or spots in the attic, it’s time to call a professional roofing contractor. Often, homeowners don’t notice water damage until it’s already quite extensive, so don’t wait to get this type of roof damage fixed. 

7. Poor ventilation 

The last sign we will discuss is sometimes a little tricky to catch, but poor ventilation can cause moisture buildup, leading to mold and rotting your roof. Similar to water leaks, spots can appear and lead to mold, which is dangerous if not treated quickly. 

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While these certainly are not all the signs to look out for, knowing these seven signs of roof damage will help you in the long run when dealing with remedying the situation. If you do find yourself with roof damage, make sure to document the damage, fix what you can if possible, file a claim with your insurance, and lastly, call a roofer you trust to repair the damage. 

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