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If you’ve lived in Colorado long enough, you begin to count on certain things with the seasons. As summer approaches, you know you can count on the sight of crops growing tall, some fiery thunderstorms and a parade of door knocking from out-of-state and often unreliable roofing companies. Search roofing contractors Greeley to find your hometown experts in Summit Roofing Solutions. Call us today.

Let’s face it, when Mother Nature comes calling, sometimes she leaves behind a little destruction. In hail alley, that swath from Wyoming to the southern edge of Weld County extending east into Nebraska, it’s just a matter of time before it’s your turn. 

Count On the Roofing Contractors Greeley Can Trust

Greeley residents know what comes next, especially after large storms — the almost constant door knocking from roofers. Sometimes you wonder how a town of 100,000 can support so many small companies.  So when your time comes, don’t wait for the door-knockers. We have been in construction for over 25 years, specializing specifically in hail repair and roof replacement for over eight years; and have specialized in insurance claims for over 20 years. Pick up the phone to find the local roofing experts. Check out our work here.

The state of Colorado offers several tips for selecting a trusted roofing company, the most important of which is being wary of out-of-town roofers. Roofing scams are so well known in Colorado that the state government has tips and brochures to avoid being scammed.

At Summit Roofing Solutions, you know you’ve got your hometown neighbors — the ones you can count on. We’re your neighbors and have earned a reputation for reliability and professionalism. Check out our testimonials.



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