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Can you tell if your roof needs to be patched, repaired, or fully replaced?  For most people, determining roof repair needs is difficult unless you have water dripping through or a tree branch jutting out of your roof. But you don’t ever want your roof damage to go that far. When you search for ‘Roof Repair Severance CO’ find Summit Roofing Solutions’ trusted experts who will prescribe the right repair for your roof and help you through the claims process. Call for a free estimate: 970-381-9926.

Search Roof Repair Severance CO to Find a Company you Can Trust

 There are some early signs that your roof needs to be repaired, and your roof may still largely be intact, but on the edge of failure. First, if your home has recently withstood damage from one of Severance’s Spring winds, you may likely need a patch or two.  Here are some warning signs you should look for to decide whether your roof needs repairing.

 In short, you should look for:

  • Leaks
  • Dirty or dark areas on your roof
  • Holes or punctures
  • Roof Shrinkage
  • Splitting
  • Sand or granules in your driveway
  • Ice and snow damage
  • Signs of aging shingles


Use these steps to find your roofer 

It’s not always easy to see roof damage unless you know what to look for. This list of signs your roof needs to be replaced may be helpful.  And when you decide to repair or replace your roof, then you need to find a reliable roofer you can trust. When you search ‘Roof Repair Severance CO’ you will notice a lot of roofers from which to choose. How can you decide? First, make sure the company is licensed and insured. It’s always a good sign when they warranty their work and give you a detailed written estimate. How about local references? At Summit Roofing Solutions, we’ve got you covered on all fronts.

Trusted roof repair service experts

Summit Roofing Solutions is family-owned, and we specialize in roofs. Additionally, we handle hail-damaged roofs, gutter installation and repair, painting, waterproofing, energy savings, and much more. We provide constant supervision of our crews, quality work, and thorough clean-up when we’re on-site. Read all about our services.

Here’s what one of our happy customers has to say:

“Everyone at Summit Roofing is wonderful to work with. Matt, Debi, and Brett were all very knowledgeable and always responsive to my questions. Everyone on the roofing crew was nice and they were very hard working. They replaced our roof in just a day and a half. They did a great job disposing of the old shingles and nails. We have not found a single nail in our yard. They happily handled everything with the insurance company. I would highly recommend the team at Summit Roofing to anyone!’ — Marissa West 

There are no simple ways out when it comes to repairing or replacing roofs. You can trust Summit Roofing Solutions. We have been in the construction industry for more than 25 years and we specialize in roofs.

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