Commerce City Commercial Roofing Contractors

Running a business can be hard work, especially if you have multiple offices or properties. Besides the day-to-day challenges a business owner faces, it is also important to make sure that your commercial property is protecting your employees and equipment the way that it should. One of the best ways to do this is by maintaining the integrity of your commercial roof. While most commercial roofing lasts at least twenty years, many factors can have an effect on the lifespan of your roofing materials. For this reason, it is extremely important to establish a relationship with reputable Commerce City commercial roofing contractors such as Summit Roofing Solutions LLC.

With 25+ years of experience building houses in the home construction business, Summit Roofing Solutions, LLC is a Greeley-based roofing company, serving Greeley, Fort Collins, Loveland, Windsor, Denver, Longmont, northern Colorado; Cheyenne, and most areas around Denver. We have experience with building homes from the ground up and specialize in commercial roofing installation.

When Should I Hire Commerce City Commercial Roofing Contractors?

As the owner of a business, maintaining your property’s roofing should be top of mind for the safety of your employees and your business assets. Colorado is regularly ranked as one of the top states to receive hail damage every year, so frequent inspections are a good idea to ensure that your roof stays in proper working order. Summit Roofing Solutions LLC has helped many businesses with hailstorm roof repair over the last 25 years and can help your business do the same.

We always recommend consulting with a professional roofing company after a storm since a hail damage roof can lead to more problems down the road. Hiring a commercial roofing company quickly can save you money too on your hail roof repair since damage will not have time to compound. While there are many other signs that can signify the need for a commercial roofer, take a look below for a few indications that it is time for a new roof.

Higher Energy Costs

Your roof acts as a barrier for keeping heat and cool air inside your building if functioning properly. Over time, however, shingles can move out of place and roof membrane seams can break down. If this has happened, you most likely will see the negative impacts of this damage through an increased utility bill.

Water Damage

Although it may be difficult to spot water damage as it occurs, the best way to check for water damage is by looking for previous damage spots. Typically, water damage will appear in the form of wet spots on your ceilings or in the attic of your building. These spots can quickly turn to mold if your roof is not fixed properly after the water has leaked through to the inside of your building.

While there are plenty of other signs to look out for when inspecting your commercial roofing, these are a great place to start when deciding if you should hire a commercial roofer.

Still looking for the right Commerce City commercial roofing contractors? One local business owner commented, “Summit Roofing went above and beyond to get a new roof on our office and buildings. We will certainly call them for our next roof.”

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