Windsor Roofing Company

Windsor Roofing Company

What the hail?! Did your home suffer hail damage from the recent storm? If you need a Windsor Roofing Company, call Summit Roofing Solutions, LLC. We have the experience you can trust to repair damage from severe weather. Not only will we fix the problem, but we’ll prepare your home to weather future storms, keeping you safe and dry.

Roof Leaks

Did you discover a leak in your roof after the last storm? During a dry weather spell, it might be tempting to put off preparing your roof, but nothing could be more costly! Some small roof leaks are simple to fix. For example, old caulking can easily be removed and the area re-sealed. Other problems – like with the flashing or venting – require professional attention. For more information on roof leaks, check out our earlier post.

Missing Shingles

If you’re looking to maintain your roof for years to come, our number one recommendation is to always check your roof after severe weather. Of course, you should wait until it’s dry and sunny outside again before going on top of your roof. Check for any shingle damage – even small tears can cause big problems in future storms. Any damaged or missing shingles need to be replaced promptly before the next time it rains. This will prevent future roof leaks and keep your home dry. Are you about to inspect your roof for missing shingles? First, read our checklist here.

It can be easy to take your roof for granted, but major leaks show just how important it is to maintain your roof. It’s the first line of defense for your home against the elements, and even little problems can cause big damage that needs expensive repairs. If you’re apprehensive about inspecting your own roof, call your Windsor Roofing Company – Summit Roofing Solutions, LLC. We have over 25 years of experience in home construction and are equipped to inspect and repair even the steepest and highest roofs. Don’t risk your safety when you can have a trustworthy expert do the work. We offer the peace of mind that your home will be safe and dry – without making you overcome your fear of heights.

Don’t wait until the next storm or leak to fix your roof! Even the strongest roofs need regular inspection. You might not notice a few damaged shingles until the next storm when it’s too late. Call Summit Roofing Solutions – your Windsor Roofing Company – today!


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