How Do I Find the Best Roofers?

For both new and experienced homeowners, finding a reliable roofer can be a challenge. Maybe you’ve recently purchased a house but your home inspector missed the holes in your roof made by critters who were also house hunting. Maybe you’ve lived in the same house for years but your roofer has closed or retired. It doesn’t matter why you’re asking, “How do I find the best roofers?” What does matter is hiring the best roofers for your home. Check out our tips below on how to find the best roofers.

Finding the Best Reliable Roofers

  1. Google it: When you’re looking for information on local roofers, your first stop should be the internet. Search for roofers in your area and make a list of options, including contact information. While you’re at it, search for the companies on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) site. The BBB rating and profile can tell you a lot about a company.
  2. Contact several companies: Once you’ve made your list of potential companies, call or email them for more information. Ask for them to check out your roof and give you a quote. Find out how soon they are scheduling new projects. This will also tell you about the company’s communication skills. Aside from pricing and scheduling, take note of phone demeanor and response time.
  3. Ask around: The internet is a great place to start, but a personal connection can mean a lot more. Ask your neighbors or other friends who live nearby for recommendations. Their experiences can speak volumes, especially if that had a really good or really bad one. By asking neighbors, you can get suggestions for some of the best roofers.
  4. Check reviews: If your neighbors or friends haven’t had work done on their roofs, take a look at different companies’ online reviews. People tend to leave reviews for either excellent or horrible experiences. When you’re looking for how to find the best roofers, you want to see glowing, positive reviews of excellent service. Read our Google reviews.
  5. Support local: When possible, support a local company. A local roofer’s ties to the community generally mean that they’ll be more responsive and reliable. By supporting the best local roofer, the money you spend on your roof — money you need to spend no matter what — stays in your community. The employees working on your roof could be your neighbors or friend’s friends.

Experienced and Dependable Roofers


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